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DJ-RA20 Roll-About Pressure Sandblaster 


Has safety pressure release valve,3/8in.Brass valves for air throttling
and sand metering.
Work pressure:65 to 125PSI
Baked enamel finish.
Heavy duty3/8in,8-ft,hose has carbon steel shut off valve and 4 inter
changeable nozzles.
Hood and instruction are in stock;
Hose length: 10ft
Tank dimension: 12-1/2"dia,27"length
Pres sure gauge indicator: 0~125PSI
Required compressed air system(not includeb):2HP compressor
with3/8" diameter air hose
Recommended media type:glass bead,silicon carbide,alumina,walnut
shell,brass bead
Recommended use: use with 80,100,120 grit media,at 60PSI,
with3/32".Nozzle for best results(run time;45minutes with 90lbs,media
Water trap type: push button to drain

Pcs/Ctn: 1
G.W./N.W.: 23/21kgs
Dimension: 84*35*45cm
Q鈥楾Y/40' : 420pcs